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Virtual Classrooms

To support BYO devices students will have access to virtual classrooms.  A virtual classroom is a private, secure Education Queensland e-Learn space you can create to support teacher and student learning. Virtual classrooms:

  • enable teachers to present curriculum for students who may be absent from class.
  • allow students to access content from home
  • enable students to collaborate and communicate in a safe environment via blogs, wikis and forums
  • provide teachers with an online space where student tasks and resources can be easily located and accessed
Question: What information will be available to my student via a virtual classroom?
Answer: Students will have access to lesson materials, including teacher notes, activities, assignment tasks, homework sheets and other learning materials.
Question: Does my student need Internet access at home to access this site?
Answer: Yes. The virtual classroom is an online application.  Accessed via Students may access and save documents at school.

Question: Can I, as a parent, access this site?
Answer: No. Parents cannot log into the virtual classroom. However, you may sit with your student and access information.