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The school newsletter is distributed to parents through students once a month.  An electronic version can be e-mailed to requesting persons. Please contact Mrs Roslyn Kajewski (Teacher Aide - Administration) to register for this service.

If you cannot download the document/s linked from this page, please contact us and we will provide a copy via the school office.

Junior Secondary Newsletter June 2019.aspxJunior Secondary Newsletter June 2019Junior Secondary Newsletter June 20192/06/20192 KB
Newsletter May 2019.aspxNewsletter May 2019Newsletter May 201913/05/20192 KB
Junior Secondary Newsletter April 2019.aspxJunior Secondary Newsletter April 2019Junior Secondary Newsletter April 20191/04/20192 KB
Newsletter February 2019.aspxNewsletter February 2019Newsletter February 201911/02/20192 KB
Junior Secondary Newsletter November 2018.aspxJunior Secondary Newsletter November 2018Junior Secondary Newsletter November 20181/11/20182 KB
NOVEMBER EDITION 2018.aspxLDHS Newsletter - November 2018 EditionNOVEMBER EDITION 20181/11/20182 KB
COMBINED OCTOBER EDITION 2018.aspxLDHS Newsletter - October 2018 EditionCOMBINED OCTOBER EDITION 20181/10/20182 KB
COMBINED SEPTEMBER EDITION 2018.aspxLDHS Newsletter - September 2018 EditionCOMBINED SEPTEMBER EDITION 20181/09/20182 KB
AUGUST EDITION 2018.aspxLDHS Newsletter - August 2018 EditionAUGUST EDITION 20181/08/20182 KB
LDHS Newsletter - July 2018 Edition.aspxLDHS Newsletter - July 2018 EditionLDHS Newsletter - July 2018 Edition1/07/20182 KB
LDHS Newsletter - June 2018 Edition.aspxLDHS Newsletter - June 2018 EditionLDHS Newsletter - June 2018 Edition14/06/20182 KB
Junior Secondary eNewsletter - June 2018.aspxJunior Secondary eNewsletter - June 2018Junior Secondary eNewsletter - June 20181/06/20182 KB
Newsletter Junior Secondary May 2018.aspxNewsletter Junior Secondary May 2018Newsletter Junior Secondary May 20184/05/20182 KB
Newsletter March 2018.aspxNewsletter March 2018Newsletter March 201815/03/20182 KB
Newsletter Junior Secondary March 2018.aspxNewsletter Junior Secondary March 2018Newsletter Junior Secondary March 20181/03/20182 KB
Newsletter February 2018.aspxNewsletter February 2018Newsletter February 201819/02/20182 KB
Newsletter Junior Secondary February 2018.aspxNewsletter Junior Secondary February 2018Newsletter Junior Secondary February 20181/02/20182 KB
Newsletter November 2017.aspxNewsletter November 2017Newsletter November 201715/11/20172 KB
Newsletter Junior November 2017.aspxNewsletter Junior November 2017Newsletter Junior November 20173/11/20172 KB
Newsletter October 2017.aspxNewsletter October 2017Newsletter October 201720/10/20172 KB
Newsletter September 2017.aspxNewsletter September 2017Newsletter September 20175/09/20172 KB
Newsletter August 2017.aspxNewsletter August 2017Newsletter August 201715/08/20172 KB
Newsletter Junior August 2017.aspxNewsletter Junior August 2017Newsletter Junior August 20171/08/20172 KB
Newsletter July 2017.aspxNewsletter July 2017Newsletter July 201718/07/20172 KB
Newsletter Junior Secondary June 2017.aspxNewsletter Junior Secondary June 2017Newsletter Junior Secondary June 20175/06/20172 KB
Newsletter May 2017.aspxNewsletter May 2017Newsletter May 201718/05/20172 KB
Newsletter Junior Secondary May 2017.aspxNewsletter Junior Secondary May 2017Newsletter Junior Secondary May 20175/05/20172 KB
Newsletter April 2017.aspxNewsletter April 2017Newsletter April 20171/04/20172 KB
Newsletter March 2017.aspxNewsletter March 2017Newsletter March 201715/03/20172 KB
Newsletter Junior Secondary March 2017.aspxNewsletter Junior Secondary March 2017Newsletter Junior Secondary March 20171/03/20172 KB
Newsletter February 2017.aspxNewsletter February 2017Newsletter February 201715/02/20172 KB
Newsletter Junior Secondary February 2017.aspxNewsletter Junior Secondary February 2017Newsletter Junior Secondary February 20171/02/20172 KB
Newsletter November 2016.aspxNewsletter November 2016Newsletter November 201612/11/20162 KB
Newsletter Junior Secondary November 2016.aspxNewsletter Junior Secondary November 2016Newsletter Junior Secondary November 20161/11/20162 KB
Newsletter Junior Secondary October 2016.aspxNewsletter Junior Secondary October 2016Newsletter Junior Secondary October 201616/10/20162 KB
Newsletter September 2016.aspxNewsletter September 2016Newsletter September 201612/09/20162 KB
Newsletter Junior Secondary July 2016.aspxNewsletter Junior Secondary July 2016Newsletter Junior Secondary July 201625/07/20162 KB
Newsletter June 2016.aspxNewsletter June 2016Newsletter June 201627/06/20162 KB
Newsletter May 2016.aspxNewsletter May 2016Newsletter May 201625/05/20162 KB
Newsletter Junior Secondary May 2016.aspxNewsletter Junior Secondary May 2016Newsletter Junior Secondary May 201610/05/20162 KB
Newsletter April 2016.aspxNewsletter April 2016Newsletter April 201628/04/20162 KB
Newsletter March 2016.aspxNewsletter March 2016Newsletter March 201615/04/20162 KB
Newsletter 11 February 2016.aspxNewsletter Junior Secondary - 11 February 2016Newsletter 11 February 201611/02/20162 KB
Newsletter 31 August 2015.aspxNewsletter 31 August 2015Newsletter 31 August 201531/08/20152 KB
Newsletter 23 June 2015.aspxNewsletter 23 June 2015Newsletter 23 June 201523/06/20152 KB
Newsletter 11 June 2015.aspxNewsletter 11 June 2015Newsletter 11 June 201511/06/20152 KB
Newsletter 26 May 2015.aspxNewsletter 26 May 2015Newsletter 26 May 201526/05/20152 KB
Newsletter 12 May 2015.aspxNewsletter 12 May 2015Newsletter 12 May 201512/05/20152 KB
Newsletter 24 March 2015.aspxNewsletter 24 March 2015Newsletter 24 March 201524/03/20152 KB
Newsletter 10 March 2015.aspxNewsletter 10 March 2015Newsletter 10 March 201510/03/20152 KB
Newsletter 24 February 2015.aspxNewsletter 24 February 2015Newsletter 24 February 201524/02/20152 KB
Newsletter 12 February 2015.aspxNewsletter 12 February 2015Newsletter 12 February 201512/02/20152 KB
newsletter-2014-11-05.pdfNewsletter 05 November 2014newsletter-2014-11-055/11/201435 KB
newsletter-2014-09-15.pdfNewsletter 15 September 2014newsletter-2014-09-1515/09/201435 KB
newsletter-2014-08-15.pdfNewsletter 15 August 2014newsletter-2014-08-1515/08/201435 KB
newsletter-2014-06-18.pdfNewsletter 18 June 2014newsletter-2014-06-1818/06/2014914 KB
newsletter-2014-05-23.pdfNewsletter 23 May 2014newsletter-2014-05-2323/05/2014902 KB
newsletter-2014-04-30.pdfNewsletter 30 April 2014newsletter-2014-04-3030/04/2014562 KB
newsletter-2014-03-11.pdfNewsletter 11 March 2014newsletter-2014-03-1111/03/2014791 KB
newsletter-2014-02-05.pdfNewsletter 05 February 2014newsletter-2014-02-055/02/20141034 KB
newsletter-2013-08-22.pdfNewsletter 22 August 2013newsletter-2013-08-2222/08/2013607 KB
newsletter-2013-06-14.pdfNewsletter 14 June 2013newsletter-2013-06-1414/06/2013971 KB
newsletter-2013-05-24.pdfNewsletter 24 May 2013newsletter-2013-05-2424/05/20132103 KB
newsletter-2013-04-29.pdfNewsletter 29 April 2013newsletter-2013-04-2929/04/2013526 KB
newsletter-2013-03-13.pdfNewsletter 13 March 2013newsletter-2013-03-1313/03/20132518 KB
newsletter-2013-02-13.pdfNewsletter 13 February 2013newsletter-2013-02-1313/02/20131597 KB
newsletter-2012-11-09.pdfNewsletter 09 November 2012newsletter-2012-11-099/11/20122845 KB