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Question: Is BYO mandatory?

Answer: It is highly recommended for all students, years 8 – 12 have a working laptop as part of their toolkit.

Question: Will I purchase a brand new device?

Answer: No, you can choose to use a device that you already own or purchase a new device.

Question: Why only allow laptops and no other mobile devices?

Answer: We believe in a consistent approach to maximise student-learning outcomes.

Question: What inschool support do the students have for devices?

Answer: The school will be providing support through:

  • Provision of highspeed WiFi
  • Technical support for network issues
  • Education in using digital devices productively, effectively, securely and ethically.

Question: Are students encouraged to sit at desks to use technology or is it mostly used on the floor or on sofas?

Answer: Desks are in use most of the time. It depends on the activity. Only sitting at desks is not healthy either so regular movement is ergonomically desirable.

Question: How do you manage digital devices outside of class? Is there a policy that their use is restricted to inside class only?

Answer: It is the responsibility of the student to ensure the safety of their device.  Junior Secondary students who have homerooms can leave their devices locked in the classrooms during break-times. Students are encouraged not to use devices during break-times (other than for schoolwork when necessary).

Question: If we choose not to be part of this will this then affect the class group my child is in.

Answer: We do not expect any classes in Year 8 to 12 to be nondevice.

Question: How much time during lessons will the device be used and will the students still be using pencil and paper as well as handwriting?

Answer: We envisage that device usage will be between 25-75% of the school day and yes, we still see a need for students to use pencil and paper.

Question: For loading software and updating the device, will management of the device be at home or at school?

Answer: Device management will be at home. Parents can choose to load additional software and applications that are not necessarily required by the school. The school will assist students to manage software that is necessary for curriculum.