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Junior secondary

Junior Secondary … the Lockyer Way


At Lockyer District High School we believe that our early adolescents are focused on their relationships with others, have a desire to be heard, want opportunities to negotiate, respond to emotion and are developing their sense of independence.

We believe that their development will be most appropriately aided through the establishment of positive relationships and structured environments in which they feel safe, have a sense of belonging and have input, and are engaged by age appropriate pedagogies.

Junior Secondary … the Lockyer Way, every day, in every classroom, all students are learning and achieving to become enterprising, resilient, creative, adaptable and confident individuals.

Distinct Identity


At LDHS we foster a distinct identity amongst Junior Secondary, while ensuring this identity continues to be strongly tied to the whole school identity, fostering a sense of belonging.

  • Junior Secondary development days
  • Junior Secondary assemblies
  • Junior Secondary events, celebrations and commemorations including ANZAC Day Parade, Literacy and Numeracy Week, NAIDOC
  • Year level and Junior Secondary groupings for social and emotional wellbeing education, including Positive Behaviour for Learning (PBL) and Belong Believe Achieve (BBA)
  • Purpose built / refurbished learning environments
  • Safe haven for our new Yr 7 & 8 students
  • Lead Teachers
  • Core Teachers
  • Home rooms

Quality Teaching


At LDHS we acknowledge that Junior Secondary students, as early adolescents, have distinct needs that must be addressed through teaching practices. Our staff is dedicated to meeting these needs, as well as working collegially to ensure a focus remains on individual students and their individual needs.

  • Junior Secondary teaching practices being explicitly reflected in the LDHS Teaching and Learning Framework as well as the Pedagogical Frameworks of cluster primary schools
  • A targeted, team-based approach to staffing Years 7, 8 & 9 so that a focus remains on student needs and quality curriculum delivery
  • Collegial classroom support and other opportunities for professional development
  • Moderation and curriculum planning with cluster primary schools
  • Moderation internal and external with surrounding secondary schools
  • Access to specialist teachers, learning environments & technologies
  • BYOiPad, employment of 21st Century learning tools and teaching strategies

Student Wellbeing


At LDHS we prioritise the wellbeing of each individual student as we understand that students who experience a sense of wellbeing and have productive social and emotional skills are more likely to be happier people and experience success.

  • Enhanced transition processes and strong links with primary partner schools
  • School wide positive behaviour support
  • Junior Secondary groupings for the explicit teaching of social and emotional skills
  • Targeted approach to staffing so that students build strong relationships with their pastoral care teachers who are timetabled with them for Form, BBA and two core subject
  • Peer support and at-risk programs
  • Informed and careful class groupings to ensure students’ needs are able to be best met
  • High level of support provided to Junior Secondary students from support staff including Chaplains, Guidance Officer, School Based Police Officer, School Nurse, Indigenous Officer

Parent and Community Involvement


At LDHS we value parent and community involvement and strongly encourage this.

  • Parents and Citizens’ Association
  • Positive and authentic communication pathways including information sessions, Open Evenings, ‘Meet and Greet’ BBQ, information nights, parent / teacher interviews and other local initiatives
  • Inclusion of parents and communities in Junior Secondary events, celebrations and commemorations



At LDHS we foster staff and students’ leadership capacity and skills through organisation of staff and formalised leadership roles and a documented leadership program for students in Years 8 and 9.

  • Formalised Junior Secondary leader positions
  • Mentoring program
  • Leadership workshops
  • Opportunities for students to lead specific events, celebrations and commemorations within both Lockyer District High School and Lockyer cluster (surrounding primary schools) as per Junior Secondary calendar)

Local Decision-Making


At LDHS we value the input from local stakeholders.

  • Parent consultation through hosting feedback workshops with focus groups, including parent bodies, local primary school staff, staff from surrounding secondary schools
  • Strong ties with primary partner schools and surrounding secondary schools