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Year Seven Students get a Taste of High School


​During Term 4, there is an ongoing transition phase for the Year 7 students coming to Lockyer in 2014.  This is an amazing opportunity for the current grade seven students to get accustomed to what is expected of them in regards to behaviour and effort.  It also gives these students a chance to become familiar with the school's layout, as well as the types of lessons and learning experiences they can expect when attending Lockyer District High School.

There are students coming from all over the Lockyer Valley to these days, with approximately twenty primary schools visiting our school from the 15th of October to the 26th of November.  Each school will visit Lockyer four times, with each individual coming twice.  Only half of the grade seven students from any primary school will be at the high school at one time.

So that students can have a go at something they enjoy, before they leave their own school they choose three subjects, numbering them in order of preference.  Selections include that they are interested in from the choices of Areas of interest include Drama, Physical Education, Science, Computer Education, Home Economics (sewing and cooking) and Agriculture.

The main point of this exercise is so that these students are very comfortable when they begin the school year at LDHS in 2014.  During this time they will also get a chance to get to know their teachers and peers.

Miss Staines, the head of Junior Secondary, has been very happy so far with the behaviour and maturity of the grade seven students, saying, “The year sevens are super enthusiastic and are participating very well so far.  They all seem very ready to come to high school.”

The whole transition process will take eight weeks and seven primary school visits to LDHS.  At the end of this time, there are two full orientation days on Monday 2nd of December and Monday 9th December.

We know that current LDHS students will make our future peers and students feel welcome at our great school when they see them in the coming weeks.

Written by Monique Jeffs