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Year 10Q Trip


On Wednesday 15 May, the class of 10Q went down to visit the Disaster Management Centre.  We discussed a variety of disasters that could happen in the Lockyer Region and also talked about some of the past flooding disasters that happened in 2011 and 2013 around Grantham, Mount Sylvia and Laidley.  

Dave was one of the disaster management centre workers who was able tell us about his job and what some of his duties involved.  He mentioned his job is not an easy job as he has to be able to make decisions on the spot that could be the difference between life and death. We saw images of the cameras that have been set up around the Lockyer Region watching bridges and creeks.  We learnt the importance of these cameras and gauges and also learnt that these cameras have a quick snap shot every 10 seconds so they know when to put out warnings to people. Dave also talked about the importance of social media with issuing warnings and alerts and also using UHF and radio.

We all enjoyed the visit and to see how the Disaster Management Centre runs and the importance this set up has in the Lockyer Valley Region and helping the community from future disasters.