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Working to Stymie The Cycle of Teenage Bullying and Harm


Lockyer District High School, in partnership with Gatton State School, are proud to announce the launch of a new defence against bullying in our schools and community. The new website - - encourages bystanders (your children) to help and support their peers by making anonymous notifications using the site. These notifications will be about students who are being bullied or experiencing harm at Lockyer District High School or Gatton State School. The notifications can include evidence such as screen shots of Facebook conversations or text messages and are automatically forwarded to the appropriate adult here at LDHS (or GSS as appropriate). The first conversation we have, will be with the student who is experiencing harm - they will know they are not alone.


LDHS is committed to harnessing the power of bystanders to change the 'culture of acceptance' of bullying in our community; a problem even the government admits is endemic amongst our youth.


Stymie is working with LDHS to reduce prolonged periods of harassment and to teach your children their social responsibilities in the cycle of bullying. LDHS will also be encouraging our students to use Stymie to report other types of concerns they may have, in support of their peers. We will be supported in our launch of their site, with candid information sessions to staff, students and parents during weeks 2 and 3 of Term 4.


Rachel Downie, Director of Stymie will be presenting to a combined parent audience from Gatton State School and Lockyer District High School at the GSS Library on Wednesday 15th October at 6:30pm. Her parent session is entitled “Getting Your Techno Power Back: Five Things You Can Do Tonight.” This is a candid session, which details how you can set guidelines for your child’s use of technology in your home. Rachel will also outline how Stymie is going to be used here at LDHS by our students, to support their peers.


More information can be found at