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LDHS Mobile Phone Policy


In Term 4, Lockyer District High School welcomed a new policy. Mr Pflaum stated that the guidelines were created ‘to reflect current practises and desires and to replace the outdated rule already in place.’


The policy is a breath of fresh air for the students who no longer need to hide their devices. The rule allows students to have their mobile phones or other electronic devices at school. All students can have the devices on display and use them during their own time. Their own time means before school, after school and lunch breaks. Consequences for using any electronic devices during class time include confiscation and school communication with parents. If students do not adhere to the rules they can be suspended after just two offences.

 The policy is currently in a trial mode, and will be reviewed at the end of the year by teachers and students.

 To encourage students to do the right thing, the acronym THINK was created and is being spread around the school community:

T: is it True

H: is it Helpful

I: is it Inspiring

N: is it Necessary

K: is it Kind

 Many students and teachers were willing to lend their opinion on the new policy:

 “I think that this policy is a good idea, but I think it could be used in class as a resource. Like in Drama or Dance when you need music.” – Joanne Mitchell and Asha Paulin

 “I think the policy is great, but it will take a long time to get used to” – Hayley Muller

 “The policy is in keeping with current times and contributes to a more positive environment in the school.” – Ms McKinlay


By Lauren Mathieson