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A Little Piece of Ageo's Time Left in the Lockyer


On Friday the 26th of July at 2:30pm, there was a ceremony celebrating the setting of Ageo City’s clock, which is one of the seven new clocks in the library.  Each clock has a specific capital city's time: London, Paris, Berlin, Auckland, Toronto and New York.  The central clock is Ageo City, which gives students at Lockyer a special link with Ageo City and its entire population.

The clocks were funded by the previous visit of students from Ageo.  This is possible as each year the school makes a small profit from the student’s visit, which goes toward helping to make our school a more comfortable environment to learn in. For example, in previous years, money was spent on stylish new, black bins that you may have seen around the school.

All of the Japanese students and teachers were invited to the ceremony.  The clock was officially set by Masao Ishizuka, the Ageo Board of Education Section Chief.

The visit from the Japanese students is a wonderful opportunity for Lockyer students to learn something new about a different culture.  Everyone at Lockyer will no doubt be waiting for their next visit.

By Monique Jeffs, Rachel Rowe and Louisa Webster